Offline Content Player for eLearning from Harbinger Systems provides enterprises with a seamless and highly secure way to deliver access to existing training content without the need for continuous Internet connectivity. Offline Player is an easy-to-use, secured, standard-based player for accessing rich multimedia content when offline. Offline Player can also be used from a CD-ROM or USB/flash drive.

Access from Anywhere: Offline Player enables packing and downloading of selected SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004/AICC HACP Level 1 course content, user profile, and current progress data. By allowing the user to later unpack and play the course at any time, enterprise content users have access to their content from anywhere at anytime without internet connectivity. Offline Player also supports multiple users on the same machine.

Enhanced User Experience: The offline player leverages user familiarity with browsers and existing LMS look-and-feel, reducing the need for user training and providing for an enhanced user experience.

Auto Synchronization: User's training progress is synchronized with the LMS automatically after a particular time interval.

Reduced Cost of Ownership: Offline Player integrates with any existing LMS to increase the return on your existing training investments. By using industry based standard software, familiar user interface as well as enabling the users to access training when offline, the offline content player increases usage of existing training material and reduces the total cost of ownership of your learning system.

End-to-End Security: Offline Player downloads the user profile from the LMS and ensures that the user is properly authenticated before allowing access to the content. Additionally, the offline user profile progress data, and course content are always encrypted to ensure complete security and privacy of the user and that of the downloaded course content.

Download the Offline Player brochure or contact us for more information.

Mobile Offline Player

Harbinger's Offline Player for mobile learning is a mobile application that allows users to download, consume offline, track and synchronize various types of courses compliant to eLearning standards.

Following are some of the key highlights of the Mobile Offline Player from Harbinger Systems:

Content Support: Mobile Offline Player can play any type of content which is compatible with iPad/Android tablets.

Standards Compliance: Mobile OLP can download and play course content from LMS, upload progress information of courses that comply with SCORM 1.2 and it can easily be extended to support SCORM 2004 (including Sequencing and Navigation) as well. Additionally, Mobile Offline Player supports ePUB3 content rendering with highlighting Annotations feature.

HTTPS/SSL Support: Mobile OLP can communicate with a secure LMS over HTTPS/SSL.

Course Download Options: Mobile OLP allows users to download content from LMS/Content Server to access while offline.

Synchronization: Mobile OLP facilitates two-way progress synchronization with LMS to ensure that both are up-to-date with the latest progress information.

Multi-user facility: It allows multiple users to use the same device with progress details stored separately for each individual user.

Branding: Mobile OLP supports UI Branding and Customizations to achieve corporate branding as well as to make the look and feel similar to the LMS.

Mobile Player Quick Facts for iPad and Android

  • Offline view of content
  • Auto Progress Synchronization
  • Multi-touch navigation
  • OS Support: iOS 6+, Android OS 4.1.2+
  • Devices: iPad
  • Standard Support: SCORM 1.2
  • Orientation: Landscape, Portrait (Android only)
  • Supports Multi-user
  • Language English, German (Android only)
  • SSL Support
  • Content Support: HTML/HTML 5


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